Citizen Survey Day Flier 2015

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Here’s our seasonal event calendar:


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Spring Mushroom Hike

Join us in exploring fungal life in the Salander Creek area as it meanders into Loon Lake. The Salander Creek drainage was recently protected as habitat for the endangered marbled murrelet, except for 32 acres that were logged in 2014. The hike will be along a grassy road, and as much as two miles round trip. But after all, the Elliott is public land, so explore to your heart’s content.

Because springtime can be hit or miss for some of our favorite gourmet mushroom varieties, this hike will be geared towards learning the things mushrooms do all year round in the soil to benefit the habitat in which they live. Did you know that some plants rely on the network of fungus in the shallow topsoil to share nutrients with the plants around them? Find out more at this hike.


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Spring Equinox and Plant ID picnic: a great combination


Come as a novice or seasoned botanist! Join us for a weekend picnic where we will be learning and identifying some of the plants around our area; plants both common and unique. The hike is along a decommissioned road so the going will not be tough. The old road runs along the side of a very productive Coho salmon stream, and highlights Coast Range forest and wetland ecosystems. We hope to see you there.

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February 4th Open Meeting

Hi friends,
On Wednesday, February 4th at 6 pm we will be holding our next monthly public meeting at the North Bend Library. This is an opportunity for anyone in the Coos Bay area to learn more about Coast Range Forest Watch and plug into current projects. We will be discussing: Spring event planning, scouting for our summer 2015 marbled murrelet survey season, and supporting local efforts to stop the Jordon Cove LNG Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline.
If you can’t make this meeting time or have ideas for agenda items, please contact us. (Much belated) Happy New Year!
Coast Range Forest Watch
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Elliott State Forest Town Hall Discussion

Monday, November 17, 7-9pm

Cozmic Pizza   199 W. 8th Ave, Eugene

Moderated by Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly

Join Cascadia Wildlands, Coast Range Forest Watch, community members and a diverse selection of panelists for a presentation about the Elliott State Forest. The future of the Elliott is at a crossroads, and Oregon’s State Land Board will soon decide its fate–privatize it to be clearcut or preserve it for future generations.

A question and answer session will follow the presentation.


This is a FREE event. The facility is wheelchair accessible.

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Public Comments on the Elliott State Forest

The State Land Board came to Coos Bay on October 8th to hear public testimony about the Elliott. One message is very clear: keep public lands public!

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