Public Hike in The Elliott State Forest: August 3


Join us on Saturday, August 3 as we hike in the Elliott State Forest. We’ll be hiking in the north east corner of the Elliott, in an area that has been part of several proposed timber sales, the latest being part of a timber auction in March 2013. While it is not currently at risk of being logged, the threat of saws loom in the distance. This diverse stand is part of the remaining native forest that regrew after the Settler Fire of 1868. This will not be a strenuous hike, and afterwards there will be a picnic and discussion.

The plan is to meet at 11:00 a.m. at the intersection of the 7500 road and Loon Lake Road. From Reedsport take Highway 38 east to Loon Lake Road. Turn right on Loon Lake Road. The intersection is 1.8 miles south of Highway 38. Latecomers can meet up furthur in the Elliott by taking the 7500 road into the Elliott. From there:

–Turn left onto 7000 road. The coordinates for this intersection are N 43′ 36.87” W 123′ 54.10”

–Turn left onto 7800(there is a small sign at this intersection that reads “Locked Gate 4 miles”.

The coordinates for this intersection are N 43′ 35.16” W 123′ 52.20”

–We will be meeting at and walking together from the locked gate.

The gate is at N 43′ 34.50” W 123′ 51.81”

See you on Saturday!

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