FERNS Spraying Notifications

“FERNS” – Where and when is spraying happening near me?

You can subscribe to be notified by the Oregon Department of Forestry of any spray operations happening near you, which will provide you with the information on who/what/where is being sprayed, and give you an opportunity to comment on the operations. Visit their FERNS (Forest Activity Electronic Reporting and Notification System) website to sign up. Once you register, you can specify an area of interest (e.g. your home) and activity (fungicide, herbicide, or insecticide application – there is currently no way to specify aerial applications). Foresters must file 15 days before beginning an operation (although exemptions are not uncommon), and you have 15 days to submit a comment on the planned activity.

The tutorial below will walk you through how to register and use the online system. There is also a video provided by ODF to walk you through the e-notification subscribing process, or (much better!) you can attend one of our workshops for more information on how to use this tool. Always feel free to contact us with questions!

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