The Nov. 2 mushroom hike was a hit.

For anyone who missed out, we had a group of thirty folks led by experts from Fungi for the People this past Saturday. Hiking along Palouse Creek, we encountered and identified dozens of different fungi. The weather held out for us, and the light rain in the week before made for a bounty in the soil. For many who came to the hike, it was the first time they had heard of Oregon Department of State Lands’ efforts to privatize over 2700 acres of the Elliott State Forest. The hike led us through one parcel of the three in the privatization plan; along a creek that Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says is part
of a watershed on the West side of the Elliott that has the highest coho salmon production on the Oregon Coast. We’re looking forward to more hikes and workshops soon.

In the meantime, the team at Cascadia Wildlands has written up two proposals for alternatives to the privatization of Oregon’s public lands, highlighting the Elliott’s unique ability to sequester carbon and the ways Common School Fund revenue can still come from intact Coast Range forest in Oregon. Good reading to consider.

Look for upcoming hikes in December with us. Bring your rain gear.Image

A small Stereum Ostrea hiding along the trail.


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